Client Case Study - Boustead International Heaters
Document Control System

BIH are specialists in all aspects of fired heaters and waste heat recovery units (WHRU’s) serving the global market place in the oil, gas, petrochemical & energy industries.

They used a dos based document control system that was proving inadequate for the task and so employed GB Associates to replace it with a more sophisticated database using Access.

The database maintains records of the drawings and documents used in the design and development of the plants. These documents can be provided by the Client, a Supplier or by BIHL and have to be tracked through there revisions as the projects progress.

The system logs when and where documents are sent to /received from, together with revision numbers and other relevant information.

Reporting functions provide information on overdue receipts/transmission and also there is a detailed record of all expected/actual dates that can be used in the event of contractual disputes.