Project Case Study - Human Factor Solutions
Job management and staff allocation system for recruitment company

Human Factor Solutions Ltd predominately covers the South Coast of England and are committed to building mutually rewarding, long term relationships with their clients, candidates, associates, colleagues, suppliers and communities they serve.

In 2007 GB Associates were asked by Matthew Beresford, the then new owner, of HFS to provide a computer solution that would replace their existing applications based around a simple database and various spreadsheets and manual systems.

At that time the process of matching candidates to jobs and tracking of people and times on jobs was very much a manual task and in addition to resulting in the inherent problems of inaccuracy it meant there was very little time to market their services to existing clients and new prospects.

We worked closely with Matthew to design a system that exactly met the requirements of his business and then developed the database in Access.

The system has proved a boon HFS and has enabled it to go from strength to strength. Matthew can now monitor the activity of his Recruitment Consultants; the system enabling him to view their daily marketing activities and to see the progress in satisfying clients’ requirements. He can enter an action to be performed by a Consultant at a specific date/time.

The database includes the following functions:

  • Clients and Prospective Clients

  • Details of Jobs. Jobs are recorded by weeks and include number and type of staff required and days of week when needed

  • Records of staff allocated to jobs

  • Timesheet data to log actual times spent by candidates on jobs

  • Emailing of completed timesheets to Client for signing and faxing back

  • Timesheet analysis for entry into ledgers and payroll

  • Analysis of under/over resourced jobs

  • Entry of future actions which will prompt the Consultant at the specified date/time and these will persist until action taken