Our Services - Access Databases for a range of applications

GB Associates provide Access database solutions and software systems for a range of business applications. We create bespoke Access databases tailored to the specific requirements of our clients.

Accounts Systems & 	
                Sage Interfacing

Stock Control Systems

Maintaining your stock at the optimum level to ensure you can meet your customer’s need whilst keeping stock holding cost to a minimum is vital to your business. GB Associates can provide the necessary software and Access database solutions to assist you in this task together with associated functions including stock checking, bar coding, stock analysis and purchasing. The stock system will integrate with the Sales Order Processing system.

Accounts Systems & Sage 	

Accountancy & Sage

Our business solutions provide the necessary functions for accounting requirements. We design our systems to provide exports of data such as invoices, payments etc for import into standard accounting packages such as Sage. We operate closely with a Sage consultancy and so can offer full support.

Accounts Systems & Sage Interfacing

Staff & Job Management

We have experience of developing systems and databases for recruitment consultancies where there is a need to match staff to clients’ requirements and to allocate staff to jobs. Times are recorded against job and end of week timesheets emailed to the client for authorisation. For more information see our Client Case Studies.

Sales, Orders & Invoicing Software Systems

Sales, Orders & Invoicing

We have developed sales order processing systems for many clients and they are all tailored to suit their specific requirements. The emphasis is on being able to quickly enter orders, raise picking lists and invoices etc without the need for a high level of computer expertise, particularly in a cash and carry type operation where the customer is waiting and time is of essence. The back-office functions provides sales analysis, stock control, mailshots, e-shots, labelling and barcoding, together with interface to accounting packages.

Bespoke System Design

Bespoke System Design

Our specialist area is providing bespoke solutions for applications where either a standard package is not available or the client is not prepared to change his mode of operation to suit a standard package. Bespoke systems we have created include:

  • capacity planning and production monitoring for growing herbs as sold by supermarkets
  • Costume and scenery manufacture for an opera house
  • Engineering drawings document control system
  • Accommodation database to manage short term property rental to opera artists
  • Access database for karate training courses and grading history